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Positives & Negatives, Tricycles & Pancakes

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Short Stories

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 Every once in a while, 

 the good guy wins. 


Florida writer books novellas short stories Brothers
Florida writer books novellas short stories SJAM

Thank you for spending time with me today and remember, readers have a voice too—it should be heard. No other venue lets you express your opinion like Amazon reviews so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Write a review and be heard worldwide.

L. Davyd Pollack is an author of contemporary fiction whose novels, novellas and short stories cover a vast number of timely topics. From the daily struggle of balancing family, work and power that today’s women face, to the psychological pain caused by deception, tragedy and the shocking result of instant wealth. Pollack is notable for the unique and close attention he pays to details, character development, and vivid imagery. His stories are so well traced that they play like movies in the mind’s eye. As you read, Pollack navigates the reader through a fictional journey of adventure and carefully planned mazes laden with hidden meaning.


L. Davyd’s published works include the novel Positives and Negatives, Tricycles and Pancakes, the novella In the Rough, and short stories Brothers and See Jane. L Davyd Pollack lives in Florida with his girlfriend, three kids, and four cats.


original works by L. Davyd Pollack

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