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 Facts tell 

 Stories sell  

Good web content contains both components. You provide the facts that inform; I’ll provide the stories that entertain. Together, we’ll make the sale by keeping prospective clients from leaving your site to become someone else’s.


Take for example, this vignette:

It’s near the end of another busy day. You’ve been forging ahead at full steam since 6:30 am. Why so early?

Because you’re not only the boss, you’re the owner. And now, you are living the dream of working for yourself. It means arriving at the office an hour or two early and leaving an hour or two after closing. It also means doing the things no one else had time to do.


Once again, everyone has gone home, the phones have stopped ringing, and the quiet that signifies it’s time to start writing those blog posts you’ve been putting off is here. Thirty minutes later you’re still looking at a blank computer screen. It seems with each attempt, it just gets harder and harder to do.


In desperation, you finally decide it’s time to consult one of those free blog post generators for some fresh inspiration. You enter your topic and a dozen ideas magically pop up for review. Suggestions like the following (these are not typos):

The five best gifts to Mother's Day.

Ten things to make your boss more Mother's Day.

Four things your coworkers want to Mother's Day.


You do see the pattern. The lack of creativity is blaring.


After sifting through all that, you’re left with the same problems you started with, creative inspiration, research, and writing. Oh yeah, and now it’s 7:18 p.m. and that last text message is from you know who wondering where you are.


Fortunately, your workday is almost over. One more email containing all the pertinent information sent to author L. Davyd Pollack and you’re out the door. Forty-eight hours later you have a professionally written (first person) blog post that informs and entertains.


L. Davyd Pollack

Author/Writer/Creative Web Content

Post it like you mean it!

PS – Substitute “web content” for “blog post” where applicable.

Cool Davyd. How do I get started?

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