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Lasting Impressions


Personal struggle, hard work, and well-deserved triumphs are all things that shape our everyday lives. They’re what make us who we are and make our stories just as important as anyone else’s. The rich and famous document their lives all the time, but of course, they have publicists to do the work for them. So what about the rest of us?


A Scripted Portrait is an autobiographical snapshot: a personal history. It’s a chance to speak to those you love and tell them all the things you wanted to—but never found the time. You have learned a lot from the lessons life had to teach. What advice would you like to pass along? Think of the experience and knowledge lost from one generation to the next simply because no one wrote it down.


A Scripted Portrait provides friends and family with something unique. It’s a great way to bridge the generation gap and touch those who are waiting in the future. Imagine having a living portrait of your grandmother or great-grandfather to take you back in time. What would they want you to know?



Start preserving your history now.



Please take a moment to peruse the examples below:


And last but not least, let’s not forget about our furry family members. Pets add so much to our lives when they’re with us; it’s important that we remember them after they’re gone. Even though they can’t write it themselves (we do it for them), a Scripted Portrait is a great way to keep their memory alive.

At an extremely affordable rate when compared to other personal history companies, our prices start at just $99.00

Please feel free to use the contact page on this site for any additional inquiries.

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