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L. Davyd Pollack was born and raised in South Florida. He attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in Building Construction. Back then, he had no designs of ever becoming a writer and if the truth be told, he wasn’t much of a reader either. Except for the standard reading requirements of a mid-level management position in construction, Davyd did little additional reading and no recreational writing. He had every intention of becoming a contractor and building buildings in Florida until he retired.


After fifteen years in the construction business, Davyd felt as though there was something missing in his life, but what that something was eluded him. He became disillusioned with his chosen career and spent the next five years trying to find a new source of fulfillment by experimenting with different jobs. First there was real estate, then there was mortgage brokering, after that there were a few miscellaneous entrepreneurial adventures, but no matter what he tried, nothing seemed to fit the bill.


It was while struggling to make one of his business ventures work, and failing miserably at it, that Davyd decided to try something outside the box. He started to chronicle his life in a daily log, or in today’s vernacular, a blog. This was at a time long before blogging became an acceptable form of behavior and as commonplace as it is today. By the way, there shouldn’t be any copies of this daily log anywhere. There were computers back then but not the internet, at least not like we know it today. The old hard drives have been formatted, the floppy disks and hardcopies burned. You’ll just have to take Davyd’s word as to what happened next.

One day while writing a particularly maudlin entry, Davyd had a déjà vu moment and remembered writing about something similar years before. He was curious about the similarity and decided to hunt down the old verse. After spending hours on end reading his own diary, he ultimately came up empty. Davyd couldn’t find the paragraphs he remembered writing and no longer had the desire to continue the new ones. All would be lost forever, which sounds like a bad thing, but it really wasn’t. It was actually a gift from God. You see, while his search for phantom prose turned up nothing, his search to find the one thing in life that satisfies his need for accomplishment, the thing he loves to do, and the only thing he would want to do every day until he couldn’t, was finally over.


Davyd spent nearly a full work day reading his writings as though he was a spectator, and enjoyed every moment. True, the daily log was about him and therefore contained a built-in bias, but the fact still remained, he enjoyed writing the log, and he enjoyed reading it. From there it didn’t take long to rationalize his future. He was an average guy with average likes and dislikes; one of many roaming the planet. So if he was someone who found his writing entertaining, maybe there were others who would enjoy it too. At that point, things happened fast with respect to his metamorphosis from construction worker to author, but the undeniable truth remained. Before Davyd could become a writer, he had to become a reader, and that’s where he got his start.


L. Davyd Pollack currently lives in Florida.


Website design by L. Davyd Pollack.

Cover art and photography by M. A. Aiken.

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